Behold Microsoft’s New and Hopeful Edge


If Internet Explorer is brave enough to ask you to be its default browser, you’re brave enough to ask that girl out. You can find a trove of memes maligning the geriatric browser that has been pretty much abandoned — now even by Microsoft. Behold Microsoft’s leaner, meaner and less noisy Edge. Is itRead more »

EE “on track” to reach 14M 4G subscribers by year end


All of Europe’s telecom industry has its eye on EE, the largest 4G provider, which claims to be on track to have 14 million 4G subscribers by the end of the year. They’ve added roughly 1.7M subscribers in the first quarter, though their revenue is down 1.7% after 2014 which saw their revenue downRead more »

Quick Response In The Telecom Boom

Keeping Up With Your Hiring Needs With estimates of more than 200 million current smartphone users in the U.S. and more than two billion worldwide by 2016, it’s no wonder telecom companies have a persistent need for staffing—and doing it super-fast, too. Infrastructure and site development is everything—if your company can’t keep up, youRead more »

Your Recruiter Needs to Know Your Industry


Sometimes it’s about culture and language; two somewhat algorithmic-averse concepts that should be considered when identifying talent that your recruiter needs to have mastered in order to refine a smart list of candidates. Yes, your recruiter needs to understand you, your company, first and foremost, but an expertise in your industry means they knowRead more »

Five Steps to the Perfect Handshake


You never want to hand someone a “dead fish”. They’ll remember that, and it could cloud out everything else. And it’s more than just grip you have to worry about. 
 1. Keep your palm dry. OK, if at an interview maybe you’re a little nervous, maybe you just ran three blocks because yourRead more »

Perfect Your Interview


It’s not always easy landing a face-to-face interview, so congratulations. So now that you’ll be delivering information in person, you have to do more than just convey stats, you have to tell a story and make it resonate, and it all starts with the presentation. 1. Dress for the part. Err on the sideRead more »

Know What Good Recruiters Do


Good recruiters establish close relationships with good talent and good firms. They understand good fit, and that’s the golden rule. Maybe that sounds easy; not always. There’s a reason why so many people dread updating and shopping around their resume. There’s so many unknowns and so many opportunities for failure, and you never reallyRead more »

Be a Boss Your Employees Like


Would you rather be liked or respected? Yes, one of those gotcha interview questions is where we’ll start. It’s annoying because it suggests nuance isn’t possible; that you can’t have both. You can, and a good leader understands this. One of the biggest mistakes bosses make is they think they won’t be liked ifRead more »

Is Your Compensation Strategy Working?


Did that CEO from the credit-card processing company in Seattle who changed his firm’s minimum wage to $70k/year, awarding himself that minimum salary signal a change in compensation practices? Naw. And what about all that talk around reforming CEO compensation—aligning it with the stockholders’ interest? CEO compensation was higher than it’s ever been inRead more »