Be Clear and Realistic on Your Needs and Expectations


Everyone wants LeBron, but there’s only one to go around. The good news is the role you’re looking to fill isn’t as specialized, but you still have to be realistic and clear about what you’re looking for and understand you might not get everything you want. Needs and expectations can change as you moveRead more »

How to Develop Relationships with Passive Pool Candidates


You have to be active to get into the passive pool, but it’s worth it. For the sake of this post, the passive pool refers to talent that isn’t actively seeking any opportunities. A pretty vast pool; paradoxically so big that to many companies, it doesn’t exist. The uncharted waters deemed too scary. ButRead more »

Employment Branding


The war for talent is constant, no matter the market conditions. Luring top talent through your doors is never just about money, perception is another important yet often undervalued currency. What’s cooler than being one of the first to (nonchalantly, of course) turn an Apple Watch on your wrist? Telling people you work forRead more »

The Art of Retaining Top Talent: Clarity


Things change quickly in telecom and there’s a push for companies to be agile and ultra-responsive — to pivot. Just thinking about it causes slight torso strain. So how do you reconcile this posture with your employees’ need for stability and clarity around expectations and roles? How do you create a space for yourRead more »

Recruiting: Go Social with the Brand!


To attract top talent you have to move your message to where that talent’s at. We’re probably not telling you anything you haven’t already heard when we say, the top talent has eyes on social media. LinkedIn Own your LinkedIn page. Fill it with good content about cool things your company does. Actively monitorRead more »

The Talent War. Why You Need to Think Slow and Hire Fast.


Your staff is taxed, getting a little crispy around the edges and you know you need to bring in some more talent. Good, but not so fast. This is the time to refine your understanding of what you need and what you’re looking for, and be prepared to ratchet that with the talent that’sRead more »

5 Questions that Reveal a Trustworthy Recruiter


They don’t really know or care about who we are or what we want; they’re just looking to make a quick buck. Maybe you’ve heard this or something similar. It’s frustrating for the staffing companies who really want to partner up with exciting businesses and help them find the right talent, the ones thatRead more »

Direct Hire vs. Contract


For many, it’s not an easy decision: to work on a contract or go directly to a permanent position. Each has its advantages, and it’s important to re-evaluate them as the market changes. Maybe in 2009 it made more sense to stick with or look for a permanent position as the labor market healed.Read more »

Top 8 Reasons to Consider Contract Work


1. Pay can be more dynamic. You have more control over when you get a raise, and businesses look at compensation differently now. As a contractor you’re not as expensive to a company when benefits like 401k and health insurance are factored in, and being less expensive often means more attractive. And these benefitsRead more »