Respecting The HR/Recruiter/Hiring Manager Relationship


Getting all three together is kind of like putting cats in a bag. Well, not really, but it requires a delicate touch, mutual respect and understanding. There are processes in place that must be respected and followed (without exasperation!) and the HR rep is going to enforce those because … well that’s their job.Read more »

What’s the Value of a Recruiter?


There’s no company that we’ve worked with that has it all figured out. A little luck plays a role in every placement, but you can get rid of a lot of the unknowns and rest assured that you’re on the right path when you have the help of a good recruiter. It’s a relationshipRead more »

Best Way to Onboard New Hires


The walkaround intros for a new-hire are sort of like a receiving line at a wedding. A nice way to ensure you get to see everyone, but a little awkward and slightly painful. Still, some people respect the etiquette and formality, and that’s great. If you don’t, that’s OK too. Covering a new-hire’s deskRead more »

Five Things a Recruiter Can Do Better Than You


1. Clarify Your Needs Against Common Roles and Structures. You know you need resources, manpower! but maybe you’re not sure exactly what to ask for. An understanding of common job structures and roles in your industry is an expertise you should expect from a good recruiter. You don’t want to grab a screwdriver whenRead more »

Should Work Be Fun?


Studies have proved that people who are happy are more productive. But does this mean companies should engineer fun at the office? Does your office need a little “fungineering”? So many tech companies brag about how much fun it is to work for them. So there’s a lot of pressure to be fun! fun!Read more »

Five Things You Can Do to Get the Most from a Recruiter


1. Find a recruiter Who Understands Telecom. It’s really important your recruiter understands the biz. It takes a long time to get all the ins and outs of telecom. This needs to be there if you want to realize the most value from a recruiter. Telecom is changing and you want to assemble aRead more »

The Art of Retaining Top Talent Series: Promoting Good Health


Promoting good health does not include shaming post-its on vending machines filled with sugary and salty snacks; however, it does include stocking those machines with tasty, healthful options. Yes, those options might be a little more expensive, but what about subsidizing them in even a small way? You could argue that the money willRead more »

What to Expect from Your Recruiter


The throw everything at the wall and see what sticks method is no way to work, not to mention very wall-unfriendly. And let’s remember, your company is the wall in the eyes of a bad recruiter. This is no way to grow a relationship and yet it’s the modus operandi of so many hiringRead more »

How to Find the Best Talent


The Passive Pool The biggest advantage an agency has over an HR department is what’s called the passive pool. For a good agency, the passive pool runs pretty deep with talented people currently employed — both happily and maybe a little less than happily. But the key is that these relationships are cultivated overRead more »

The Art of the Hire: Ways to Interview


Maybe you’ve worked with someone who made you look forward to going to work? Maybe it was the entire crew you worked with. When something went wrong, you covered for each other. Things kept moving forward. You inspired each other to be great. Your worklife entered a blissful state, even if only temporarily. TheRead more »