The Art of the Hire: Interview Tips

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If you’re sitting down for a face-to-face conversation, chances are the candidate has been vetted at least somewhat and will have the necessary skills to do the job. You’re looking to find something less obvious. Is this specific person going to be the one to move your team forward? This information doesn’t live onRead more »

The Art of Retaining Top Talent Series: The Growth Path


Talented people typically know they need to look down the road. The career path they’re forging has to tell a story; to explicitly demonstrate accomplishment, achievement and success. Most of us have been asked Where do we see ourselves five years from now in an interview. It’s a fraught question that usually gets aRead more »

The Art of the Hire: Interview Advice

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Press the suit, shine the shoes. Now’s not the day to try out a new hair style. Arrive early — but NO MORE than 15 minutes early. Have a good breakfast. Thanks to the internet you have way too much information that you’ll need to know if you want to beat out the competition.Read more »

The Art of Retaining Top Talent: Philanthropy

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There are so many benefits and reasons for companies to give back to the communities they serve. But it’s not just about dollars and cents if you really want to make it work. A company needs a good strategy for its philanthropy and social responsibility, and this is where it can get thorny andRead more »

The Importance of Speed in Hiring

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Haste makes waste, right? Well yeah, but too much analysis leads to paralysis. So on which side of the spectrum do you fall when it comes to hiring? Let’s start by stepping away from the cliches and getting a bead on when it’s important to make an offer. Big Companies that Move like SmallRead more »

Benefits of Temp-to-Perm

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Test Drive. The biggest benefit for working with a temp-to-perm arrangement for both employer and employee is the ability to try out the position before committing. Temp-to-perm gives an employer a lot more flexibility to make a smarter decision. You can learn about someone when they’re all dressed up and well-rehearsed for their interview.Read more »

The Art of Retaining Top Talent: Compensation

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As we move through a new year with a general feel that the economy is rebounding, some of your top employees will bulk up their resumes and LinkedIn profiles and start thinking about making a change. Will money buy their loyalty? Probably not. It may keep some for a little longer, but if youRead more »

How to Work with Your Recruiter

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Clear Communication and Trust. This is what nourishes a blissful relationship with your recruiter, and helps keep top people on your workforce. What could be more simple right? Well here’s what often gets in the way and how you can avoid the traps. Cosmic forces sometimes align. I’m talking about your business needs andRead more »

The Importance of your Brand

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People overwhelmingly choose a better brand over a higher salary when deciding which company to work for. Where you work is part of your identity. When people ask you what you do, you want to wow them. This is more powerful than money. And there’s more, we all know a company with a powerfulRead more »

The Myth of the Perfect Candidate

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It’s natural and wise to be very protective of your team. No one wants a dissatisfied employee or a toxic work environment. When looking to bring in someone new, you want to make sure you get the right someone. You want The Perfect Candidate. The problem is Perfect Candidates are in short supply whenRead more »