Use Internal Networking to Boost Employee Retention


Creative ways of reducing turnover has been a significant focus as of late in the HR world. One majorly overlooked way to boost employee retention is through internal networking. Internal networking functions much like external networking, except for one key difference: all networking is among employees of the same organization. While it may seemRead more »

Revamping Your Outdated Recruitment Process


When you have an open position in your company, do you find that it takes far too long to fill? Do you struggle to get through the recruitment process, or even end up hiring the wrong candidate? Many recruiters find that it can take an average of 29 days to fill an open position,Read more »

Taking a New Approach in Your Job Search


There’s nothing more frustrating than feeling you’ve exhausted all of your options in a job search. You’re sure that you’ve turned over every stone and hunted down every potential lead. That doesn’t mean that it’s time to give up! Instead, try taking a new, unorthodox approach to your job search. Target Your Ideal PositionRead more »

Effective Hiring: Three Reasons to Use Talent Analytics


With the ever-increasing prevalence of making data-driven decisions among small and large organizations, talent analytics has become a favorite way to assess possible new hires. With its precision and accuracy, talent analytics has an impressive way of eliminating human error, recognizing patterns in top candidates, and taking the guesswork out of the hiring process.Read more »

Don’t Let Your Talent Slip Away


You Know Who They Are Rockstars: The individuals on your team who carry their creativity, drive, and passion around in buckets. There is tremendous competition in today’s environment, and you want to keep your stars from being courted by your rivals. The American Psychological Association’s 2012 survey demonstrated that employees who feel valued atRead more »

Three Soft Benefits That Will Attract and Keep Top Talent


You’re likely already aware that money alone is not enough to attract and retain top talent. In the past decade or so, companies small and large have made it a priority to add appealing soft benefits to create more reasons for employees to love their place of employment. The goal is to create theRead more »

Four Tips to Make Your Cover Letter Stand Out


Let’s talk about the one part of a job application that is required when submitting nearly all applications, yet is the most frustrating to write: the cover letter. What should you talk about? How specific should you be? What do the hiring managers want to see? It can be discouraging when trying to makeRead more »

Employee Retention: Three Reasons Employees Leave


Is your organization experiencing higher than normal staff turnover? Poor employee retention can take a heavy toll on a company in numerous ways. Morale can hit devastating lows, ongoing projects can suffer, and the financial repercussions can have a sizable impact on the business. If you are looking for effective solutions to boost employeeRead more »

Managing a Job Search While You’re Employed


Sometimes, your current job is just that: a job. It’s not the job of your dreams by any stretch of the imagination, so you go looking for something new. Unfortunately, that means that you’re juggling new interviews with your current job responsibilities–not to mention keeping your job search a secret at work. These tips,Read more »

Four Ways to Prepare for (Almost) Any Interview Question


You’ve likely been here before: You have prepared for your job interview by researching the company, rehearsing popular interview questions, and even making sure there are no wrinkles in your outfit. You’re set to go, and ready to get that job! You get to the interview, full of confidence, until the interviewer asks thatRead more »