Stand Out when Applying For a Job

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When you apply for a job most hiring managers will check certain boxes, such as “skill set”, “expertise” and “years of experience”, before they even consider you for the position. Meeting this basic criteria might be enough to get you in the door but it’s not enough to get you considered. To get toRead more »

Is Job Hopping a Negative or a Positive?

Job Hopping At NextGen

Across the internet there are dozens of articles outlining the pros and cons of job hopping. All of this contradictory advice makes it difficult to know the truth. Whether good or bad, you should always explain your job history and present your job hopping as a positive. At NextGen, we believe the best wayRead more »

How to Tell the Right Recruiter From the Wrong Recruiter

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If you’re looking for a new job opportunity or career change then establishing a strong relationship with the right professional staffing recruiter will help you achieve your goals. Your resume is polished, Linkedin is up to date, recruiters are starting to take notice and the phone is ringing. But most of them sound likeRead more »