Four Questions You Should Ask During Job Interviews


Sometimes, you’re so grateful for an interview that you might overlook a company’s shortcomings. If your job search has been long, you might jump at the chance to attend any interview. Asking the right kinds of questions during your interview, however, will help ensure that you find a job that’s a better fit forRead more »

Employee Retention: Holding on to Talent


Training a new employee is costly and frequent turnover seems like it might break the proverbial bank. When an employee moves on, your company takes a loss. If this is all too familiar to you, it may be time to evaluate your retention strategy. Onboarding Process, Compliance, and Culture A successful onboarding process beginsRead more »

Hiring – It Can Be a Three-Ring Circus


There are a lot of moving parts and people involved in the hiring process and at times, it can feel like a circus act. Here are a few tips to ensure your next performance is a crowd pleaser. Be the Perfect Ringmaster One of the most important (and fun!) jobs at the circus isRead more »

How Design Basics Can Help Your Job Search


If after countless applications your résumé is not getting the calls you want, maybe it is time to consider adding some eye-candy. With some simple tweaks you can swiftly persuade employers to take a real look at your education and experience, paving the way to get that dream job. Make your application stand outRead more »

Use Branding to Hire the Best Employees


When HR professionals begin the hiring process, the focus is often external as they search for talent. Companies who successfully recruit and maintain talent begin with an internal approach. They take stock in their online communications from social media to their company website. By taking a look at how you are presenting your companyRead more »

Keeping Your Best Talent


As an employer, you know finding and retaining the most talented people is an expensive, ongoing affair. This has become especially true over the last 10-15 years, as employees are far less likely to exhibit the same amount of loyalty to a company that was common in the past. A generation ago, it wasRead more »

Employee Retention: How to Train Your New Hire the Right Way


New employees are eager to hit the ground running, but along the way, they will naturally make a few mistakes. Proper training early on is essential to help them get situated and integrated into their new role. If you don’t invest the time now, your new hire can’t grow into a productive member ofRead more »

Two Types of Interview Questions That Reveal Valuable Information


Trying to find the right person to hire can be a Herculean task. Crafting a detailed job description, deciding where to advertise, sifting through all the resumes, contacting candidates, conducting background checks, checking references – all these things take immense time and effort and that’s before even taking the interview into consideration. Even withRead more »