Three Essential Resume Types That Get Results in a Job Search


Okay, you’ve made great contacts at industry meet-ups, overhauled your Twitter and Facebook accounts to present a more professional image and given your LinkedIn profile a long overdue update to offer an excellent introduction to prospective employers. So, what is the next step? Choosing the correct type of resume and tailoring it to eachRead more »

5 Ways to Successfully Hire Great Employees


Maintaining an edge in today’s competitive workforce is vital to business growth and profitability. A key component in the success of any business is hiring qualified employees. Approaching your search for employees requires aggressiveness, thoroughness, and creativity to garner the best results. Let’s take a look at ways to ensure a successful search forRead more »

Three Guilt Free Job Search Tips


Feeling blue about the whole job search thing? There’s too much guilt in this world without us adding on, so save your guilt for that extra bit of cake you maybe shouldn’t have had, and enjoy these three guilt-free job search tips. It’s OK to Imagine the Life You Would LOVE to Have TodayRead more »

Using Internal Surveys to Boost Employee Retention


Hiring great employees is only part of the challenge for businesses, there’s also the hard work of employee retention. After all the time and money that your company has invested in the hiring and training process, a smart company protects that investment by working to make sure that new employee stays put. An importantRead more »

Five Reasons Why Your Hiring Strategy is Failing


If the attrition rate at your company is climbing, you should start looking at five aspects of your hiring strategy that could resolve the problem. If they don’t work, it might be time to call in some outside help. It can be hard to get a clear vision from within, and it’s typically notRead more »

The Self-Driving Cart (Walmart’s 4 – Wheel Dream)


The Internet of Things has us thinking in new ways. It’s impossible not to laugh at some of these new ways of thinking. Maybe the laugh is because the idea is silly. But it’s kind of fun being silly, and retail could certainly use a technological draw that gets people in stores. Boring ChoresRead more »

Five Ways Your Tech Company Can Get Better Talent


It’s getting harder to find good tech talent. There are simple things you can do to improve your chances of enlisting the next rockstar. Don’t miss out by overlooking the easy stuff. Here are five tactics to remember. 1. Test Applicants. Maybe it’s written or oral, maybe it’s an aspect of a current project.Read more »

So You Want to Hire a Millennial


Much is being made about the fact that there are more millennials in the workforce than any other somewhat arbitrarily arranged group of people. That sounds pretty crazy until you look at who qualifies as a millennial (anyone born after 1980). That’s a pretty sizeable population. While it’s fun, lot’s of fun, to generalizeRead more »

So You Tanked During the Interview — Or Did You?


Maybe you walked out of the job interview feeling deflated. Well, that’s the way a lot of people who eventually get offers feel. Before you start thinking you’re out of the running, think about these things: Did the Interview Go Long? More than body language, think duration. You would have been thanked for yourRead more »