Top Six Retention Strategies


Attrition rates. If you have your finger on the pulse of your company, you’re paying close attention to attrition rates and taking action when you see a trend you don’t like. Attrition rates vary widely. Solutions to the problem, however, don’t vary all that much. Here are some ideas Forbes recently published. It’s theirRead more »

Hiring in a Competitive Labor Market


It’s getting harder to find talent, especially in tech. You shouldn’t lower your standards. You should think of new ways to win the war for great talent. That means it might be time to re-evaluate how you hire. The biggest mistake many companies make is choosing a candidate who hasn’t really been vetted forRead more »

Avoid These Cover Letter Mistakes


You know those people who tend to think out loud and you don’t know if you should react or let them catch up with their thought before you react? Well you don’t want to come across as this person in your cover letters. Writing can be a contemplative act. That means you often discoverRead more »

Employee Retention Starts with These Four Things


Recently we’ve read a lot about how the future of employment could mean workers staying three years at a company then moving on. Unsurprisingly, employers are saying not so fast. But the reality is it’s now up to employers to create new ways to counteract this trend. So why are people moving on? UsuallyRead more »

How to Get to Your Dream Job


The truth is you don’t know what your dream job is until you’re there. There’s a good chance that the really amazing-sounding position at that really sexy company is actually completely awful… and now what? That’s not to say you shouldn’t have goals or aspirations, just that you need to pay close attention toRead more »

Avoiding the Bad Hire


There are two types of bad hires. The easy one to avoid is the bad skills match. You can typically weed this out on paper. The other one is less tangible: the bad cultural fit. The business costs for a bad hire are high, but worse than that: it puts your work environment inRead more »

Does the Learning Curve Plateau at 3 Years?


He’s a job-hopper! A journeyman! These used to be stigmas, but that’s starting to change. Our economy that never seems to sleep no longer likes the idea of someone staying in the same chair for more than about 3 years. In fact, many tech companies following Google’s lead, and make employees shift into newRead more »

Recruiting Talent by Email


While not the latest technology, email is a great way to reach out to talented people and let them know you’re interested in them (or their very talented friends). For a successful email campaign, it’s important to do a few things really well. Here’s how to send out emails that will generate interest andRead more »

How Startups Can Attract Top Talent


It’s not easy to pull talent away from big established companies. It’s easy to lose the battles of money and health benefits, but you can lose those battles and still win the war. Here’s how: Appeal to a sense of excitement, adventure, their desire to be a part of something great and the possibilityRead more »