Interview and Job Hunt Etiquette


You probably know not to show up late for an interview, but do you also know you shouldn’t show up too early either? You don’t get extra points for every minute you’re early. If you make them have to figure out what to do with you for say 15 minutes or more, you’re beingRead more »

10 Signs That Your Job is the Right One

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According to a recent Forbes article, there are ten signs that you’re in the right job. But before we get to those, we should note that everyone’s different, and different things carry more weight. In other words, if you’re really happy don’t let a generalized list make you think you’re unhappy. Inside you probablyRead more »

Negotiating Salary: Knowing how to have “The Talk”


You just got a job offer. All the sneaking around your office on your cell and saying you have a doctors appointment so you can rush out for an interview has worked! You’re on an emotional high. And now it’s time to talk money. Arrggh. The stressors (both positive and negative) couldn’t be muchRead more »

Tips for Keeping that New Hire


The hiring process is a lot of fun. If you agree with that statement, then you probably don’t have to read on. It’s also not without large monetary costs. The Center for American Progress puts the figure at roughly 20% of salary: that’s how much it roughly costs to fill a position. So thisRead more »

Hiring Managers: Stop Doing These Things


Everyone always asks about the embarrassing questions candidates ask during interviews, but hiring managers can do some really embarrassing things too. And they have less of an excuse; this is a big part of their job. But the following top four super-annoying behaviors are something we see all too often. 1. Unprepared for theRead more »

The Art of the Employee Humble Brag on Social Media


To those who think social media is just a self-promoting tool with some baby pics and cat videos thrown in for color, a new avenue of content may have opened up. It may not sound like an exciting avenue, but the numbers Glassdoor has provided, show that it’s effective. That new avenue is talkingRead more »

This is How You Make a Recruiter Stop Working with You


Recruiters are in the trenches with you, holding the same goal as you: Landing the perfect job. But that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t extend similar courtesies to them as you would a potential employer. The rules are little more lax, but here are the big no-nos. Typos and Bad Grammar The problem with typosRead more »

You got the internship, now how do you land the job


Interns can do some pretty embarrassing things. From accidentally calling a client by their competitor’s name to mistakenly microwaving a hot dog for 100 minutes, we’ve heard some bad stuff. You can never make a microwave that’s cooked a hot dog for over an hour and a half smell like a microwave again. ButRead more »

The Numbers Behind Employee Engagement


For the numbers lovers out there, and we know your ranks are growing, Glassdoor has released their Engagement figures for 2015. We’re not seeing much change in terms of trends. In fact, the answers for what makes a company innovative and productive and its workers happy seem as simple and unchanging as ever. There’sRead more »